Everybody has the date circled. August 21st. It's the day the moon will cover the sun and darken our day for about 3 minutes and spook the livestock. We will be fortunate to be close enough to the moon's path the get most if not all of the eclipse.

All that's left is planning on where we will be to witness the event. It must be stressed, do not look at the eclipse without protective eyewear. This is so very important!

Southwest Airlines has highlighted the flights on their schedule that day that offers perhaps the best seats to see the eclipse.

swa eclipse map (2)

Three of the five flights depart from Denver!
#1969-Departs at 9:50am for Atlanta
#1577-Departs at 10:20am for St. Louis
#301-Departs at 10:20am for Nashville

The talk after this event will be "where were you during the eclipse"? Saying you were on a plane would be a very cool answer.



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