One of the big questions of summer: What to do with all the friends and family coming to visit?  There’s definitely one thing you need to put on that list- MyHandleBar in Fort Collins! We went out on a My HandleBar excursion, and took note of the eight things you should do to best enjoy the ride!

You’ve heard of and probably SEEN My Handlebar tooling around Downtown Fort Collins. The thing is a hoot!  You have a bunch of your friends and family sitting around a bar while sitting on a bike seat. Then you pedal your way around the streets of Old Town, stopping at the great local bars to have a drink along the way!

That’s the long and short of it, but we produced a video with the help of our Promotions Director’s son Jack, to show you the EIGHT ways to have the BEST TIME EVER on MyHandlebar! I think my favorite part, aside from the drinks along the way, is waving a people who AREN’T riding on MyHandlebar. They look so jealous, and it’s great!

Set up your MyHandlebar ride this summer and HAVE FUN!

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