Ask anyone about Fort Collins, and the first thing they’ll tell you: Fort Collins loves their bikes.  Second thing they’ll tell you: Fort Collins loves a little beer now and then.   That is why MyHandleBar is my new top suggestion for something to do with friends in FoCo. 

We had a team building exercise recently. A group of us from the station got on board My HandleBar and tooled around downtown Fort Collins for a couple of hours.  I have to tell you, it was a hoot!

We pedaled our way to five different bars in downtown, with our own Designated Drivers manning the wheel.  First, we met at Pateros Creek; that’s where our ‘tour’ began.  We all got up onto our bicycle seats on the bike bar and prepared ourselves for some exercise and libations!

Our hosts, Eric and Chad, were very fun and accommodating. We only had eight of the 16 available seats of the 'party bike' filled up, so the guys traded off on helping to pedal while the other steered and manned the music.  They let us choose the songs that blared from our ‘contraption of fun’, as onlookers gazed at our boisterous group of goofballs. We waved at everybody, knowing that we were having the Best Monday Ever as compared to those folks who WEREN’T on MyHandleBar. Those poor, poor people…

The bike-bar was built in the Nederlands, where it sounds like a couple of guys were sitting around having beers and came up with the idea of MyHandlebar on a cocktail napkin. It’s a bit of an effort to pedal, but it’s not a ferocious workout or anything like that. You pedal for a while, then you coast. Pedal for a while, then coast some more. Then, you get off the bike bar and go get a drink!

We stopped in at The Blind Pig, The Town Pump, The Rio, Cache Bar and Grill, and Illegal Pete’s. Of course, the tour began and ended at Pateros Creek; so that technically makes six stops for beverages on a hot summer afternoon in Fort Collins. Very refreshing!

Keep in mind, you don’t have to stop at any bar if you don’t want to.  This would be a GREAT activity for friends and family visiting from out of town.  You load up and show them the sights, stopping here or there – for coffee, shopping, or more.  It’s really worth the cost to have two hours of one-of-a-kind fun!

The way The Choice City loves to bike and loves beer, this one seems easy. Do it!