Whether you’ll be out on a ‘significant other’ date-night, a ‘girls’ night out’ date-night, or a ‘Bromance’ date-night, the Rialto Theater in Loveland has eight movies this summer for you to chose from!

Front of Rialto Theater in Loveland
Photo by Todd Harding

The Rialto Theater in Loveland will be rolling out 30 films for the family to enjoy this summer! Kids’ movies, independent movies, classic movies, and on Friday nights- date-night movies.

Let me tell you, it’s a WIDE RANGE of movies within that 'Date-Night' category.  Romance to comedy-western. Which date-night flick will you be seeing? Will you be taking your best gal/guy on a ‘Holding Hands’ date-night, your buds a ‘Bromance’ date-night,  or your girlfriends for a ‘Girls’ Night Out’ date-night?

I’ll help you decide!

  • JUNE 9 - 'LA LA LAND'  - This is an easy one: HOLDING HANDS. 'I would only leave you for Ryan Gossling.'
  • JUNE 16- 'TRUE GRIT' (2010) - BROMANCE. 'Dude, I wish I could've been a cowboy..' 'Dude, you wouldn't have lasted 20 minutes.'
  • JUNE 23- 'BLAZING SADDLES' - Another easy one: BROMANCE. 'Dude, I'm going fart in-synch with the movie!' 'Nice!'
  • JUNE 30- 'MAMA MIA': GIRLS NIGHT OUT.  'OMG! We are SO drinking wine from Door 222 for this one!'
  • JULY 7- 'THE GODFATHER': BROMANCE. 'Dude. Classic!'
  • JULY 14- 'HELL OR HIGH WATER': BROMANCE. 'Dude, Chris Pine is totally overrated, but I dig bank heists.' 'Who's Chris Pine?' 'The new Kirk.' 'Oh, OK.'
  • JULY 21- 'THE BIG LEBOWSKI': BROMANCE. 'Dude! The Dude!' 'Dude, we'll get White Russians from Door 222!'
  • JULY 28- 'TOP GUN': This one is a trifecta! HOLDING HANDS, BROMANCE AND GIRLS NIGHT OUT! Wow

Have fun at whichever one you go to, with whomever you bring! Get more on the Riatlo's Summer Movies HERE! 

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