I was doing a search of the web to see what interesting things I could find on the man of the hour, Tim Tebow. There are plenty of songs and mash ups, and to tell the truth, that sort of mindless time waster is what I started off to find. When I found this video it seemed to me that they would be of more interest to all of you.

I think it is undeniably powerful to listen to someone else's truth. Whether or not it represents your truth, to hear someone speak from the heart is one of the most interesting things any of us can encounter. Now, this video may be more powerful for Christians than non-Christians, but I would be surprised if skeptics could watch it and not have a respect for his passion and belief. I am not here to anoint anyone, but Tim Tebow has become a phenomenon for a reason. A small part of it is the fact that he has won some football games. A bigger part is his faith and attitude.