Music, vendors, tons of food and DRINKS!  The 2017 First National Bank Taste of Fort Collins will be serving up some great choices; whether you prefer beer, liquor or wine!

@K99radio on Instagram
@K99radio on Instagram

It's going to be a beautiful, hot weekend for the 2017 First National Bank Taste of Fort Collins! That's going to mean a lot of beverages. Luckily, there'll be plenty to go around!

Drinks will cost 2 tokens ($3 each token), for the most part. You'll pay only one token for a taster, water or a Coke; and you'll pay 3 tokens for full pours at Wilbur's Craft Beer Pavillion. 

Odell and New Belgium will be serving up NINE different beers, as well as their collaboration beer 'Tag Team.'

Mystic Mountain Distillery will be serving cocktails, including margaritas and mules.

Wilbur's Wine Pavilion is slated to have a wide range of wines from various regions.

Two things to remember: Stay hydrated and drink responsibly! Water, water, water, and get a ride if you've overdone it! It's all about fun, not getting in trouble!


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