The man has been crafting his skill for years; those skills have taken him to TV's big hit, "The Voice." Did you know you may have seen him singing here in Northern Colorado?

It's always fun when you see someone on TV and realize its someone from where you live. How far will he make it in the current season of "The Voice?"


Look at that guy. He's about to leave Colorado for Nashville. A couple years later, he's now being seen on "The Voice" on "Team Blake," after doing a great cover of a Country music song.

I discovered that he, whether solo or with his friend Jack Stein, used to "kick it," as they say, around the Loveland/Fort Collins area. I definitely tracked down some dates that happened in a few of the Downtown Loveland bars. Did you ever see him/them?

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Pourhouse, in Downtown Loveland, often hosts small bands and solo artists, including the man that's now in Nashville competing for fame on "The Voice."


He's Tanner Fussell. He grew up in Georgia, but in 2019 made a move to the Northern Colorado area. He and friend Jack formed 'Steelin' Hearts' which had some gigs, as well as Tanner having solo gigs around the area.

Chiller's Bar, for example in Downtown Loveland.

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When you're an up and coming singer, getting as much exposure as you can is imperative. You may have heard Tanner on KRFC, as well:

In 2020, Tanner made his way back to Georgia and the Nashville area.

His hard work has paid off, as recently, Blake Shelton turned his chair during the 'Blind Auditions."

Good Luck, Tanner!

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