It's no wonder housing is so hard to come by and so expensive. Demand has skyrocketed!  It's just a little bit more than a sold-out Broncos Stadium crowd!

Broncos Stadium at Mile High holds about 76,000 fans. Just 4,000 shy of the 80,000 new residents of the Centennial State, that arrived between mid-2017 and mid-2018.


Denver's Channel 7 and the Associated Press have the story on how new census data shows that a bunch of folks packed up their things and said, 'Here we come, Colorado!' Colorado came in at #7 on the list for most growth within that time frame. SEVENTH! Imagine what's happening in Nevada and Idaho- as they tied for first in growth.

This new data puts about 5.7 million people as living in Colorado. Seems kind of hard to believe, doesn't it?  Where did we put them all?

Get more on the data from Channel 7 HERE! 

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