Over the last month, I have been focusing on buying healthier foods at the grocery store and I have been trying not to eat out as much, to be healthier. There is sometimes that temptation to stop by and get a burger or taco though. If you're often tempted by fast food, you're not alone. A new study found that Health-Conscious Consumers, those defined as American adults who belong to a gym and buy local or organic food, make up nine percent of the American adult population. Some of these health-conscious consumers just can’t resist the expanding healthy menu options or the convenience of  fast food restaurants.

74 percent of these adults visited a fast food restaurant for lunch in the last 30 days. So what is the favorite fast food restaurant for those that can't resist the temptation?

Here are the top 5 fast food restaurants that health-conscious consumers liked best

  1. McDonald's 36%
  2. Subway 31%
  3. Wendy's 22%
  4. Panera Bread 17%
  5. Taco Bell 17%