A new “Safest Cities in Colorado” report from business insurance company AdvisorSmith has found that Fort Collins is the second safest city in Colorado.

According to NorthFortyNews.com, insurance company AdvisorSmith used crime data from the FBI from last year for crimes committed in 2018. Then they used a "crime score" that lists and weighs crimes. The more serious the crime, the more weight it holds.

AdvisorSmith broke down Colorado cities by population and examined them. In all, the study looked at crime in a total of 11 large cities, 34 medium sized cities and 83 towns in the state. Using this methodology, they found that the safest city in Colorado is Centennial with Fort Collins right behind at number 2.

Top 3 Safest Towns:

  1. Wray
  2. Olathe
  3. Milliken

Top 3 Safest Midsize Towns:

  1. Frederick
  2. Windsor
  3. Louisville

Top 3 Safest Cities:

  1. Centennial
  2. Fort Collins
  3. Arvada
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