With COVID-19 outbreaks slowing down some meat production companies, there's less meat hitting the shelves.

Shutdowns of these production facilities have affected the supply chain and availability across the country. Grocery chains have started to limit purchases of meat products.

Here's how some grocers within Fort Collins stores have adjusted customer meat purchases:

  • King Soopers has announced that as of May 4, locations would be limiting purchases to two chicken, two pork, and three ground beef purchases.
  • Safeway's parent company, Albertsons, has placed limits of two packages per household on chicken, beef, and pork items.
  • Costco has limited all beef, poultry, fish, and pork products to three items per member.
  • Sam's Club has limited purchases of beef, poultry, lamb and pork to one per item, both in its stores and on its website.
  • Sprouts has limited purchases of ground beef, chicken, pork and eggs to two packages per customer. Smoked meats are limited to four per customer.
  • Walmart has not currently put any limitations on meat purchases but has not ruled out the possibility of doing so.
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