It is a sad reality of living in the Rockies: forest fires and the smoke in our skies. There's a big blaze in southwest Colorado (the 416 fire) that has consumed up to 23-thousand acres thus far, plus the Trail Mountain wildfire in Central Utah and the Buffalo Mountain wildfire near Silverthorne are pushing smoke into Northern Colorado. A blaze in southern Wyoming (the Badger Creek wildfire) could also add to our problem.

Fort Collins and most of Northern Colorado saw a considerable amount of rain in May resulting in no current fire restrictions, however the month of June wasn't as kind to the city of Fort Collins as it saw little to no rain. Warm days and brisk winds can dry us up quick and cause fire dangers.

Already this week we have seen smoke from these fires in the area. The red sun from the smoke appeared just yesterday (Tuesday). As a result, the U.S. Forest Service cancelled the remainder of a prescribed burn in the Red Feather Lakes area.

There is some good news: we have rain in our forecast for the next four days with cooler temperatures.

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