With restaurants doing all that they can to say afloat and recover from the financial strain that the pandemic has entailed, would this help out those on 4th Street?

With restrictions lifting and more people returning to dining out, Door 222 in Downtown Loveland has taken advantage of the city's variance approval to extend seating out onto 4th Street.

I thought that I might see at least a couple of other restaurants take advantage of the opportunity, but so far Door 222 is the only business I've seen do it.

I've had a couple of discussions with friends about the idea of all of 4th Street becoming a 'pedestrian mall.'  Old Town Arvada, Boulder, and Breckenridge are a few of the Colorado cities who are closing off streets to cars, so as to increase available outdoor seating.

I can see some arguing that eliminating the parking on 4th Street could further hurt businesses that see those spaces as 'customers.' But, if the city were to do it only temporarily, I think folks could find plenty of parking nearby.

I hope it does happen. How about you?

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