There is a bear that is wreaking havoc in Estes Park after a weekend of mischief, and breaking into other people's property...specifically, the bear is breaking into cars, eight of them to be exact, and now...we have a serial burglar bear to deal with in Estes Park. Authorities are warning residents to lock their doors because apparently bears can open doors even when they are fully closed.

According to KDVR via Colorado Parks and Wildlife, the bear was apparently looking for food and decided to try a bunch of cars in search of some. I will say, if this bear would've broken into my car, it would have found a bunch of snacks, because when you have kids, there are ALWAYS snacks everywhere, including the car.

Just a friendly reminder to all, but especially if you're in prime bear territory like Estes Park: store your food and trash securely and properly because if a bear senses food, smells it or finds it, that bear will go get it and come back to its source. Oh...and lock your doors too, because they will apparently open your doors.

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