Lindsey Won't Be Charged with Theft

There is insufficient evidence to prosecute Lindsey Lohan for theft. Los Angeles District

Attorney’s Office cited insufficient evidence as the reason they are not pursuing charges that stemmed from some jewelry allegedly disappearing after a night she spent at a Hollywood Hills home. The details are hazy. There may have been some eyewitnesses, but none are cooperating.

Lilo hasn’t heard the last from the L.A. authorities, though. They still suspect she was driving illegally in a fender bender accident, though she and her people claim she was not behind the wheel.

BAD25, the Spike Lee-directed documentary celebrating the 25th anniversary ofMichael Jackson's Bad album and record-breaking world tour of the same name, will air this Thanksgiving on ABC.  The film project has the acclaimed director dissecting the genius of the King of Pop through interviews with those who were closest to him throughout his music career, which spanned pretty much his whole life. The focus is on the seminal 1987 record that came 5 years after he released one of the most successful records of all time.

"This will be a very special Thanksgiving for all families to enjoy the genius of Michael Jackson," Lee says in a statement.  "Big thanks to ABC for allowing people to witness the making of Michael Jackson's Bad album.  Shamon."

BAD25 premieres at the Venice Film Festival this Friday.

Rosie's Last Minute Prenup

The prenuptial agreement between Rosie O’Donnell and her new bride Michelle Rounds wasn’t finished until the final hours before the wedding. The bickering went on for 8 months before the two were married, the New York Post reports.

One source says, “Both women have health issues, but the pre-nup negotiations were pretty fraught in the days before the wedding.  Rosie just wanted to get it signed under her terms.  She wasn’t in the mood to make any compromises.”

Sources told the Post the 50-year-old Rosie has been “extremely generous to Michelle in the pre-nup,” but Rounds “gets nothing if she cheats.”