It had been a few years since I had seen a show at Red Rocks, so I was excited to see the uber-hipster band-of-the-moment Foster the People. But, I've said it before and I'll say it again...Who is playing almost doesn't matter at Red Rocks. If they are a band that you are into and they put on a good performance, that's just icing on the cake, because the scenery is literally enough to blow your mind.

The view just keeps going

I often wonder what state the horizon is in when I am sitting at Red Rocks. The naturally formed amphitheater looks to the east from a vantage point of about 6200 feet above sea level. As the sun goes down lights from taller buildings become obvious and then you realize it's Denver, sitting in a little cluster, just to the northeast. Depending on the atmospheric conditions, the skyscrapers in Denver could be a feature of the view all night.

It's only natural

The amazing that I noticed at Red Rocks is the amazing thing that everyone has noticed at Red Rocks--it is a totally natural amphitheater. We entered just after the opening band started and from the outside, you could barely tell that Kimbra was tearing it up--with volume. Those two rocks (known as Ship Rock and Creation Rock) make for perfect acoustics, plus they don't let much sound stray beyond their beautiful borders. This amazing natural feature was understood soon after white people found the structures and started organizing performances as early as 1908. The Ute Indian tribe used it first. Since then, the world's best performers have lined up to play there, since it's had seats and before.

Red Rocks Park

There are plenty of trails, information sites and beauty to be taken in even on days when there is no show. It's a must see of Colorado.



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