With the passing of the legend Prince, many tributes will be happening over the next year. Included in those tributes, is the adding of the film that helped launch his career into superstardom- ‘Purple Rain’, at Red Rocks.

In what other ways will the country be celebrating the life of Prince? We’re seeing buildings lit up with purple lighting, huge dance parties into the night, people changing their Facebook covers to a shot of purple rain falling down. This particular tribute seems like an easy and obvious way to celebrate Prince: Red Rocks Amphitheatre will be showing ‘Purple Rain’ as part of their annual ‘Film on the Rocks’ series.

Released in 1984, the movie was made for about $7M and grossed over $88M. The soundtrack alone, sold over 25M copies. ‘Purple Rain’ was huge; no question about it. The adding of the movie to Red Rocks’ ‘Film on the Rocks’, to essentially kick-off the series, is a great decision.


The showing will be Thursday, May 12, 2016. Tickets are on sale now, starting at $15.  With the ‘Film on the Rocks’ series, they get musicians to be a part of the night as well; so you’d have to believe the ‘Purple Rain’ night will include some of the best musicians in the area!

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