It was a hot first weekend in June here in Northern Colorado, and even some of Colorado's coldest locations reached record highs. 

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While a cool 78 would have felt really nice to us here in Fort Collins, according to the National Weather Service, on Saturday, June 5, even places like Grand Lake, which is less than 50 miles from Fort Collins, and Antero Reservoir were feeling the heat.

On Saturday, the north side of Grand Lake reached a high of 80 degrees, and the south side of Grand Lake reached a high of 81, which is the warmest it's been on that date in the last 15 years. In 2020, Grand Lake was also the coldest place in the nation 29 times.

Dillon, Gould, Walden and Williams Fork Dam also set record high temperatures over the weekend, ranging from 77 degrees to 82 degrees.

Antero Reservoir recorded a high temperature of 78 degrees on Saturday, the highest its been on that date since 1990. Prior to that, it the record was set on 1983 and 1977, so it doesn't happen to often. In December of 2020, Antero Reservoir hit a low of negative 50 degrees. And yeah, there's actually one dude who lives there.

Just a few months ago, Colorado was dipping into subzero temps that were actually colder than the North Pole. On February 13 of this year, parts of Colorado's eastern plains reached negative 33 degrees, while the North Pole was only negative 29. Fort Collins, Loveland and Greeley were around negative ten degrees at their coldest.

This year's also been wetter than most, according to the National Weather Service; the ninth-wettest in Colorado's history in the Denver Metro area.

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