Customers have been reporting that their pet rabbits are sick and/or dying after consuming the recalled feeds. The cause is elevated calcium levels.

CBS reports that select varieties of Purina rabbit, turkey, and chick feeds sold at Tractor Supply Co. stores, including Colorado, are being recalled by Purina, itself, according to the FDA.

32 states are involved in the recall, including Colorado and Tractor Supply Co. stores.

The products involved were manufactured between December 16, 2019, and February 3, 2020:

Purina Rabbit Feed, Purina Turkey Feed, Country Acres Rabbit Feed, and DuMOR Chick Starter/Grower Feed.

Symptoms in rabbits include pinkish urine and lethargy due to not eating.

Here are the exact lot numbers for the rabbit feeds:

  • 532D      3004902-206  Purina® Rabbit Complete (50#)                   0JAN06MFI3
  • 532D      3004902-203  Purina® Rabbit Complete (25#)                   0FEB03MFI3
  • 532D      3004902-206  Purina® Rabbit Complete (50#)                    0FEB03MFI3
  • 532F      3004918-206   Purina® Rabbit Show (50#)                          0JAN09MFI1
  • 532F      3004918-206   Purina® Rabbit Show (50#)                          0JAN24MFI3
  • 532E     3004903-206    Purina® Rabbit Professional (50#)               9DEC17MFI3
  • 532E     3004903-206    Purina® Rabbit Professional (50#)                0JAN09MFI1
  • 532E     3004903-206   Purina® Rabbit Professional (50#)                 0FEB03MFI3
  • 8382     0009906           Purina® Turkey Starter AMP 0.0125% (50#) 0JAN24MFI3
  • 56AW   0049200           Country Acres® Rabbit Pellet 18 (50#)          0JAN09MFI1
  • 56AW   0049200           Country Acres® Rabbit Pellet 18 (50#)          0JAN23MFI1

Get more on the recall from CBS News HERE.

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