My mother generously sent me some homemade masks the other day, reminding me to wash them first.

But, I'm lazy, so I thought — why not just nuke all the coronavirus germs in the microwave, like I do with my kitchen sponge?

After a quick scan of the headlines from my Google search, I decided it was okay to pop that sucker in there (don't worry, there wasn't any metal in my mask).

But it turns out, that even without metal, masks can still catch fire in your microwave.

After about a minute and a half, I smelled something can guess what happened next.

My microwaved mask. Courtesy of Emily Mashak.

A tragedy.

The remains of my microwaved mask. Courtesy of Emily Mashak.

Now, I work in radio and know almost nothing about science, so please cut me some slack for this abomination.

But hey, now you officially know: do not microwave your face mask.

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