Girl beating bongo drum at CSU
Todd Harding, TSM

A very small protest was held on the CSU campus in Fort Collins today.  My wife and I counted between 50 and 60 people gathered in front of the Administration Building to voice their opposition to the new on-campus stadium at Colorado State. Although, a few were just there to see what was going on and didn't take part in the active protest.

It was kind of ironic that the group held signs and chanted criticisms of CSU President, Dr. Tony Frank, when he wasn't even on campus during the protest. So why were these folks protesting?  I assume they know the Stadium has already been approved. However, they still believe there is some way to reverse that decision.

God Bless good ol' American optimism and I still love the fact that if we don't like something that is happening, we can gather peacefully and be allowed to voice our opinions...even if it seems to be a lost cause.

A protester tells why she is against building a new stadium on-campus at CSU in this Youtube video:

This is a YouTube Video of the protesters chanting:

I took a few pictures of the protest:

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