From alternative rock music to metal, and even...Taylor Swift — this might not be the type of music you'd expect to hear coming from a group of nine cello players, but that's exactly what makes the Portland Cello Project so unique. Lucky for Northern Colorado, these talented musicians are bringing their energizing performance to the Lincoln Center on Friday, October 12 for another show that is sure to wow the audience. For this particular genre-crossing performance, the Portland Cello Project will be taking on Radiohead’s, OK COMPUTER album, playing all of the electronic music with traditional instruments. Other music will be incorporated throughout, and in addition, this special show also features the vocals of Patti King of The Shins as well as former drummer for legends like Stevie Wonder and Prince, Tyrone Hendrix. When it comes to the Portland Cello Project, every show is different and diverse - you do not want to miss this!

Tickets start at $15 and can be purchased online or directly at the Lincoln Center box office, located at 417 West Magnolia in Fort Collins.

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