Colorado Governor Jared Polis recently spoke of allowing restaurants to seat patrons in parking lots and on sidewalks, in order to allow them to reopen while still socially distancing. In his Tuesday press conference, however, a new suggestion was made.

Polis stated that if your backyard was located near a local restaurant, it could be a "win-win" to rent out the space for additional patio seating, as reported by 9News.

“Restaurants can expand on their own property outdoors, they can expand on adjacent or non-adjacent private plots nearby, as long as they have permission of the landowner,” Polis said.

“I’m even calling on our private sector landowners, if you own an empty plot near a restaurant, be generous and be creative, you’re not doing anything with it,” the governor later said. “I mean, you know, charge them $100 a month to be able to set up tables there."

According to 9News, distilleries and breweries are unable to open unless they partner with a food truck or restaurant, as the 'bar' environment invites mingling.

Polis called reopening restaurants a “matter of survival” for the state’s economy.


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