The Governor and his advisory staff are urging us to wear a cloth mask to protect our mouths and noses if we have to leave our homes.

At his press conference on Friday, April 3, 2020, Governor Polis announced that he and the State are asking every Coloradan to wear a cloth mask when leaving their homes to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

He stated that the masks should not be N95 masks; those are needed for medical personnel.

Polis is hoping that if more Coloradans take part in the initiative, others will follow suit, stating:

We can make it a trend, and hopefully save more lives.

So, if you need to leave your home for essential activities such as getting groceries, going to the liquor store or to the pharmacy, you are strongly urged to wear a cloth mask that covers your mouth and your nose.

When returning home, you should wash your mask, your hands and your face.

Tom Hanks' son, Colin, has a way to turn a bandanna into a mask:

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How to turn your kerchief into a face mask. Don’t forget to put you kerchief in the washing machine afterwards!

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If you're handy at hand-sewing, this looks a little more fashionable.

The state setup a website to help, too: The Colorado Mask Project.

Source [Denver 7]

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