Colorado Governor Jared Polis made a pledge Wednesday to increase COVID-19 testing throughout the state.

Colorado has conducted about 70,000 total tests and is currently averaging about 3,000 tests a day.

Colorado epidemiologists are identifying and isolating about 33 percent of patients in about 48 hours or less. The goal is to increase that total by 5 percent each week.

Polis said Colorado has the capacity to do more than 10,000 swab tests per day, but wants to increase to an average of 5,000 tests per day by early May and 8,500+ by the end of May, with an eventual goal of 10,000 tests per day.

Colorado currently has about 15,000 swabs secured currently. Polis wants 147,000 by May 11 and 195,000 by May 31.

Testing helps identify sick people, locate hot spots, and protect vulnerable people.

Polis stated that Colorado wants to increase the testing of asymptomatic medical workers to track silent carriers.

He also made it clear that if you feel sick, you should stay home:

“[It is] Important for every Coloradan to know that if you have flu-like symptoms remain at home and self-isolate. Your decision could save the life of your loved ones, neighbors and coworkers.”

The Governor also introduced a self-reporting tracker to report your symptoms and help public health officials build a better picture of how the novel Coronavirus is spreading in Colorado:

The Governor emphasized again that if we continue to wear masks in public, stay at home if we're vulnerable, and adhere to the Safer-at-Home directives, we will move past this ordeal quicker.

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