A move made by the Obama administration which kept the federal government out of states with legal marijuana will now be reversed by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

According to both CNN and Fox News, the change in policy will now allow federal prosecutors to at least consider bringing charges up for the possession of marijuana for individuals and businesses.

However, as of right now, they will not be ordering these prosecutors to do it giving them the ability to go in any direction.

How does this affect the state of Colorado and other states like California and Massachusetts who have voted to make marijuana legal? Well, there has been no definitive answer from the federal government on what these states can expect which makes the situation even muddier heading forward.

However, according to Fox News, one official with the Department of Justice has stated that there are still steps under consideration including lawsuits against states that have made marijuana legal to the public.

Colorado Republican Senator Cory Gardner tweeted today his rebuttal concerning the DOJ's actions:




29 states in the country have made medical marijuana legal, while seven states have legal recreational marijuana.

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