Special thanks to Joe Moylan and the Greeley Tribune for providing a glimpse of what our brave men and women in law enforcement have to deal with while on duty.

The following are edited versions of the Greeley Police Department's daily logs that Joe Moylan and the Greeley Tribune have provided:

July 2nd:
Greeley police responded to a call of an intoxicated man drinking a beer while riding his bike. The report also said the man was "looking for trouble". He apparently found it.

At 10pm that day, police got a report of a man selling doorbells door-to-door near North 45th Avenue Court. He was banging on doors rather than using the doorbells.

July 3rd:
Police responded to a call near 10th street about someone riding a motorized scooter trying to run into pedestrians on the sidewalk. The report said that this person was referred to as a "little jerk head".

July 4th:
It was almost time for fireworks when police got a call at 7:45pm near 24th street about an intoxicated man who was throwing himself against a wall "when he wasn't given a cigarette". (He should try the patch.)

July 5th:
At 12:30pm, there was a cat spotted near 5th street that the report said was not taken by the humane society because "it smelled like death" and it was drooling from its mouth. (If I had a dime for everytime that was said about me.)

There was a report of a suspicious person that the caller said was driving into the neighborhood "every couple of days" looking at houses and then leaving. Police responded and found out that the "suspicious" person was in fact the nurse who regularly checks on......the person who made the call.

Thanks again to the Greeley Tribune for providing these reports, but most especially, THANK YOU to all members of law enforcement who have to deal with these and far more serious situations everyday. 

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