Special thanks to Joe Moylan and the Greeley Tribune for providing a glimpse of what our brave men and women in law enforcement have to deal with while on duty.

The following are edited versions of the Greeley Police Department's daily logs that Joe Moylan and the Greeley Tribune have provided:

July 11th:
Police got a call around 3pm to a fast-food restaurant on 10th street. There were reports of a woman walking in and out of the restaurant to yell at traffic.

Around 7pm that day, police got a call from a concerned citizen who was watching rabbits in her yard. The caller said that a rabbit was just sitting there when another hopped over to it and then quickly scampered away. She thought it meant that one of the rabbits was sick. Officers assured her this was typical bunny behavior and that they almost never carry rabies.

July 12th:
At around 1:45pm, they got a call about a woman and an Xbox. The report said that a woman "accidentally" stole her sister's Xbox....and pawned it.

Later that day, around 6:30pm, police responded to a call around 25th Avenue for a report of a couple of neighbors arguing over their property line. They were having a problem determining  where they could "legally" set out their respective trash cans.

Thanks again to the Greeley Tribune for providing these reports, but most especially, THANK YOU to all members of law enforcement who have to deal with these and far more serious situations everyday. 

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