The Weld County Sheriff's Office is looking into reports of children in Mead being followed by strangers and asked to get into a car.

The Greeley Tribune says there have been two instances of this activity so far.  The first involved several elementary-aged kids being followed on May 14th by a vehicle near the park, though they said nobody in the car tried to talk to them.

On Tuesday, two boys, ages 6 and 9, described being approached by two men in a similar vehicle, described as a 1995-1997 Pontiac Firebird or Trans Am with “flip-up” style lights, a spoiler and tinted windows . The boys said two men in the car offered them candy and asked if they wanted a ride.

The boys described the two men in the car as being Latino, both in their 30's.  One had a thin mustache, and the other had a four-inch mohawk haircut.

If you have any information about either incident, please call the Weld County Sheriff’s Office at (970) 356-4015, ext. 2825.

Let's keep those kiddos safe!

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