Mead High School's Rachael Ayers is officially resigning from her role as school principal.

The news comes just two and a half weeks after a “disturbing and disgusting” reenactment of George Floyd's death was shared on social media, sparking outrage among the local community and nationwide.

According to the Loveland Reporter-Herald, Ayers' resignation was announced Monday (June 7) in a letter to Mead High School families from Superintendent Don Haddad, who wrote that the school has experienced several successes and “significant challenges” in the past year.

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Despite the disturbing photo incident, the reasoning behind Ayers' departure is not certain. When asked if Ayers resigned because of the photo incident, Haddad responded and said he can’t comment on personnel matters.

In the letter addressed to the Mead High School community, Haddad thanked Ayers for her service at Mead; Ayers worked in the district for 12 years, starting off as a teacher and then taking on the assistant principal role before taking on her most recent role as Mead High School principal.

Haddad also shared that Frederick High Principal Brian Young was appointed to take over as Mead High’s principal. Young will be replaced by Russell Fox, who is currently Frederick High School's assistant principal.

Once Young makes the initial transition into his new role, will host Mead student and community meetings to “discuss advancing student success and achievement with a focus on a safe and inclusive school environment and culture for every student, teacher, staff, and community member,” according to the school-wide letter composed by Haddad. 

In addition, the NAACP Boulder County Chapter and other local organizations have asked the school district to take several steps to address the Mead incident and systemic racism in schools.

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