He's the first undrafted offensive rookie to have been selected for the Pro Bowl, running for over 1,000 yards and 10 TDs. But then, the wrist injury. UGGH!

Good for Phillip! After injuring his wrist at the end of the season, his being selected to the 2019 Pro Bowl was moot. Nobody liked the idea of a guy, who performed so well and DESERVED to be at the Pro Bowl not being there, so they've come up with a plan!

DenverBroncos.com released a statement on January 8, 2019, stating that #30 will be a social media correspondent for the game!  He'll be talking to/interviewing people: players and fans while sharing HIS experience at his FIRST Pro Bowl!

Better yet, the NFL IS going to pay for his trip and expenses, where before, since he was injured, he wasn't playing so they weren't paying!

This will be fun!

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