Pearl Street Fitness in Boulder is offering virtual workouts to people all over the world on the free app, Periscope.

"Instead of watching a canned video or a DVD or even a video on YouTube, this is highly interactive, in the moment," said Laura St. John, owner of Pearl Street Fitness.

Laura and Scott St. John stream real-time 20-30 minute workouts on Periscope (@PearlStreetFit) 3 times each week (Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays) in different parts of Denver. Based on hearts and feedback from current users, they're able to adjust or add days and times.

"You can do these workouts from virtually anywhere and that's why we're showing people that we could be anywhere, too," St. John said. "We can ask people interactively, 'Hey what do you guys want next, do you want an evening workout or do you want a morning workout?' [Then] we'll allow the audience to help dictate where we're headed next."

If you're not able to workout with Pearl Street Fitness on Periscope in real-time, the workouts are available 24 hours afterward.

Periscope is available free on Android and iOS.

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