The first round of the NFL Draft kicked off last night. Draft night is one of my favorites. College kids who have dedicated their lives and worked so hard finally have their dreams realized.

Miami Beach Bowl - BYU v Memphis
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Yes, I get a little misty when Roger Goodell, the NFL commissioner, gets up on stage in front of a booing crowd and says "With the first pick of the (insert year here) NFL Draft the (insert lousiest NFL team of the previous year here) select (insert name of kid whose life is about to change here) from (insert college where thousands will be cheering loudly knowing all along that their player was the very best and having it confirmed here).

Last night Memphis QB Paxton Lynch got the call he dreamed would happen after the Denver Broncos made a couple of trades to select him, at pick No. 26.

It's not a secret the Broncos are looking for a quarterback following the retirement of Peyton Manning, and the free agency departure of Brock Osweiler. Lynch may not necessarily be a starter this season, but he has some good teachers from Elway in the front office to Coach Kubiak on the sidelines.


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