After years and years of being a beleaguered shopping area, the Outlets at Loveland is officially getting ready to become something else. Though there had been many rumors of apartments taking over the area, that is not the plan.

If anything, Lovelanders will be relieved to see something new and different coming to the all but dilapidated Outlets. Fingers are crossed that the the new development will become a vibrant area, as the area once was in its heyday.

TSM/Dave Jensen

When you go out there now, it's hard to explain to those who never saw how popular and busy the Outlets at Loveland was 15-20 year ago what it was like. The bustle, the great stores, that feeling of prosperity. You definitely do not get that feeling here in 2022.

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I had heard about changes coming to the Outlets in early 2022, when Santa Cops was told that they had to find a new headquarters space. The fact that Santa Cops had been there for so long, and is a charitable organization, pointed to major changes coming. I, myself, tried and tried to get information from the manager of the Outlets, as well as its owner Craig Realty, to no avail.  In June, it was announced that the outlet mall was officially for sale.


According to The Coloradoan, the Outlets have now been sold for $15 million to a real estate investment group out of Windsor, who will be naming the new development, "Loveland Yards."

Loveland Yards, according to the initial plans, will have retail and spaces for small business/light industrial, which Loveland officials are optimistic will bring traffic to the nearly 40-acre spot.

TSM/Dave Jensen

There's no question that seeing a major change come to the Outlets at Loveland has been needed and wished for, for years. Here's to hoping that Loveland Yards brings back a new heyday to I-25 and Highway 34.

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