Halfway through February and already the Larimer County Department of Health has been a busy bunch, conducting routine inspections across Fort Collins, Loveland, and beyond.

With close to 80 total inspections of restaurants, schools, and other food establishments this half month alone, only five have failed to earn a "passing" status after the inspection was complete.

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As a reminder, the health department has done away with the old grading system and now rates establishments only as a pass or "re-inspection required" if the business acquires too many points for violations. In rare cases, restaurants that rack up too many violations can be closed on the spot until their infractions are corrected.

One establishment actually closed on the spot last month was an Old Town Fort Collins favorite that has since been reopened. Yeti Bar & Grill was shut down near the end of January but has since bounced back after passing their follow-up inspection.

The most recent wave of inspections features a handful of misses, mostly for minor and common infractions like slightly off-the-mark holding temperatures, sinks not working properly, or not stocking hand washing stations with enough soap and paper towels.

One establishment that also did not pass inspection is one of Fort Collins' more popular 'hot chicken' establishments on Prospect Rd. near College Ave. Music City Hot Chicken earned a "re-inspection required" designation after inspectors found a handful of issues, including:

  • Using the product in dented cans
  • A dishwashing machine with an improper mix ratio of sanitizer
  • Improperly cooling some foods
  • Using improper scoops for certain foods
  • A leaking drainage tube on a fountain drink machine

All things considered, the number and nature of the infractions were pretty minor but totaled just enough to prevent them from earning a "pass" on their inspection. While many issues were happily corrected on the spot, inspectors will go back and do a re-inspection at a future date to make sure everything is tip-top once again soon.

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