Poor spiders — (almost) nobody likes them.

Still, that doesn't stop the pests from walking their eight legs all up in our homes, and, with spring in Colorado just around the corner, everyone's "favorite" creepy crawlies will soon come out to play.

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Thankfully, the Centennial State doesn't have too much of a spider problem. We're not like Alabama, where my grandmother has an exterminator on speed dial, or Australia, where I imagine terrifying, gargantuan spiders attack people on the daily (okay, that probably doesn't happen, but you get my point).

However, there are a few arachnids that call Colorado home, and our friendly entomologists at Colorado State University have conveniently compiled a list of them. Don't worry — only two of them are dangerous.

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Plus, these spiders are actually good for our state, so you don't have to be too afraid of them.

"Spiders are beneficial arthropods that survive by feeding on insects," said CSU professors F.B. Peairs, W.S. Cranshaw, and P.E. Cushing. "Oftentimes they are the most important biological control of insect pests in gardens, fields, forests, and homes."

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Ready to freak yourself out (or educate yourself about our arachnid amigos)? Check out the 13 kinds of spiders that live in Colorado in the gallery below:

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