The New York Times shared a map that tracks COVID-19 cases within Colorado's universities, and Colorado State University has the highest reported case number compared to University of Northern Colorado, CU Boulder and more. 

'This data shows where the virus has been identified over the course of the pandemic, not necessarily where it is prevalent now,' The New York Times said. 'The Times has counted more than 20,000 additional cases at colleges since late July. Many of those are new infections from this month, but others may have emerged earlier in the pandemic.'

That noted, The New York Times also reported that 'colleges are making their own rules for how to tally cases,' and that these numbers may be an 'undercount.'

According to the map, CSU in Fort Collins has had 82 cases, while UNC has had just 10, even though CSU is in Larimer County, which has far fewer cases than Weld County, where UNC is. CU Boulder reported 53 cases.

You can see the full interactive map from The New York Times here.

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