It's hard for a lot of children to understand just what's going on right now. Parents are dealing with extra hurdles when it comes to their education, but how can you encourage your kids to stay safe in the middle of a pandemic?

This is the premise of the 'Clean Hands Club', spearheaded by Banner Health. In a press release, Banner Health quoted nurse Tracy Fejt, who said:

We know it’s challenging to keep children busy and entertained during this time of isolation, and this is one small way to help brighten their day while helping them learn healthy habits.

Here's how it works: download a coloring page for your child right here, and when they're done, upload a picture of the coloring page to your Instagram story. Tag the story with @Banner_Health, and you could be featured on their social media accounts.

Staying safe can be fun...and gets the kids coloring, too!

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