Have you heard the howling?

This weekend, I was sitting in bed playing a game on my iPad with my three-year-old with the windows open, and all of a sudden, I heard howling echoing through my apartment complex.

I was startled and confused, to say the least. Then I remembered seeing on Facebook that NoCo is howling at 8 p.m. in solidarity during COVID-19 quarantine. According to the Channel 7 News, Coloradans howling to alleviate the isolation of social distancing began from a humble Denver Facebook group, which has now grown to include over 8,000 members.

Videos are surfacing on social media of howling across Northern Colorado and with the wolves back in Colorado, I think this idea is just plain genius, both as a way to vent some stress and to remind each other that while we can't be physically close, we are nowhere near alone.

So, if your nights happen to get a little louder around 8 p.m., don't worry about it-- in fact, maybe even join in, especially tomorrow night during the 'pink' supermoon.

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