Noosa Yoghurt, based out of Bellvue, recently announced new flavor releases as well as new single-serve sizes!

You have to admit, those folks at Noosa know what they're doing! A great recipe, great ingredients, great fun. Heading into their 10th year in business, the Northern Colorado success story just keeps growing!

They've come out with new flavor releases for the year!

Strawberries & Cream (Double-Yums)

Coffee & Cream (Double-Yums)

Cookies & Cream (Mates)

Lemon Tart (Mates)

In addition, they've started packaging some of their favorite flavors in 4-oz 'Lil' Tub' single-serve sizes- great for lunch, or grab-and-go:




Salted Caramel


Vanilla Cream

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