More than 10,000 of you voted and chose the finalists for NoCo's Best Restaurants, from BBQ to pizza to breakfast and more. Our judges did some eating, and debating, and chose the winners at Townsquare Media's Taste of Fort Collins.
Here were the finalists for NoCo's Best Italian:
Nick's Italian
Nick's Italian
  • "I really liked the simplicity and creaminess of the pasta carbonara, and the smoky flavor of the meat was a delicious additive to the white sauce. The peas, sauce and ham all made for a very balanced cohesive dish." - Judge Alex, Office Assistant
  • Caninos
  • "The vegan pasta primavera was so good i'm literally craving it right now. It was well made with hearty vegetables and a very flavorful marinara sauce. I never thought of adding artichokes to my pasta dishes but now it will be my go to! Loved it." - Judge JB, DJ from Retro 102.5 mornings 
  • Papa's Table
    Papa's Table
  • "The eggplant parm was perfectly made and the mushroom sauce in the veal dish was quite flavorful. Just an all around unique dish" - Judge Bailey, Human Resources

    And the winner of NoCo's Best Italian is...Nick's Italian.
    Nick's Italian:
    NoCo's Best Winner
    • Nick's Italian was the overall winner because the pasta carbonara was unanimously the best dish we tried, by a landslide. Pro tip: this is a secret dish that isn't on the menu so be sure to ask for it.
    Catch the contest in action with the Taste of Fort Collins' on-demand livestream here. And, don't forget to use NoCo Nosh to try delicious food from NoCo's Best.
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