Former Denver Bronco Terrell Davis was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame on Saturday, August 5, 2017. Not only did he get a statuette, a gold jacket, and a big party, he also got his own cereal- that YOU can enjoy!

TD Hall of Fame Cereal
Steve R, for TSM

The question is, are you going to eat them or KEEP them?

TD’s HOF Crunch! The cereal is made up of honey-nut toasted oats. Sounds pretty good. The cover of the box is the one-and-only Hall of Fame running back for the Denver Broncos- Terrell Davis! Go, TD! Look: He’s even giving you his ‘Mile High Salute’ as you start your day!

The box of cereal goes for about $3. Who knows what a box might be worth 20 years from now- $50? Or will you not be able to resist the urge to have some crunch, courtesy of TD?

Here’s an idea: KEEP the box for posterity, but go out to Good Times and enjoy a Terrell Davis Hall of Fame Bacon Burger! Win-Win!

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