If only I could give up avocado toast, because then I could definite— oh, no, still way too poor.

A recent study by howmuch.net shows the minimum salary needed in each state to be able to buy an average home, and yeah it's not great. Colorado is actually the fifth worse state in the country, only behind Hawaii, California, D.C. and Massachusetts, KRDO reported.

Read it and weep: It's $100,200 for what the study calls an 'average home.' Let that sink in, considering a majority of salaries within the 'Average jobs category' on ZipRecruiter 'range between $49,302 to $70,161 in Colorado.'

howmuch.net Click for full map
Click for full map

Michigan, Ohio, Arkansas, Missouri and West Virginia may be a little more attainable. You can see the full map and contemplate uploading your photo to a sugar daddy website here.

Enjoy this picture of avocado toast because it's the closest we'll ever get to home ownership.


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