Have you ever been driving North on County Road 19 (Taft Hill Road in Fort Collins), and wished you didn't have to go West on County Road 21, and then north again, just to reach County Road 72?  Of course you have!

Well, The Coloradoan reports construction is now underway on a new road and roundabout that will link county roads 70 and 72, effectively ending that frustration once and for all.  Hooray!

Building the road and roundabout is a way to address increasing traffic in the area, said Assistant County Engineer Rusty McDaniel. The work is expected to result in improved traffic flow and safety.

The presence of a roundabout on the new road will help ensure it doesn't become a truck bypass, as some residents have feared.

"We don't want to make it a straight shot so people can just fly through," he said. "Roundabouts force people to slow down. They're not like four-way stops, but they do make a road not as convenient for some drivers."

Construction should be complete by around October.

Do you live and/or commute regularly in this area?  Will this new road help you?  Let us know in the comments!