Since Thanksgiving, the case of murdered mother, Kelsey Berreth, has consumed the state of Colorado, leaving many that cared for the young mom longing for answers as to what happened to her. 

Developments have been made in the case over the past few months, including authorities coming to the conclusion that Berreth's fiancé, Patrick Frazee played a role in her death. Frazee did so along with the help of another woman he was romantically involved with, Krystal Lee, who reportedly assisted in cleaning up the crime scene. Frazee is accused of tragically murdering Berreth with a baseball bat, and has admitted to burying her remains on his ranch. As more details surface regarding how Berreth was killed, investigators have yet to locate the 29-year-old mother's body. Frazee is currently facing two counts of first-degree murder and three counts of solicitation to commit the murder.

While a body hasn't been found, several items were uncovered during search warrants done by the FBI and police, that have gotten them one step closer. In one of the searches of Frazee's residence, police seized 67 bits of evidence, including financial records, five pairs of jeans, a tablet, and 50 9 mm bullets and two casings. It was during this search that they also located four teeth in an envelope, and an additional tooth apart from the rest. In the most recent court hearing, Krystal Lee stated that Frazee had given her specific instructions to look for a tooth that had fallen down an air vent in the town home, following the murder. Gruesome details note that Berreth's blood was found on walls, in between floorboards, on a toilet, a mantle and on the refrigerator. Although the evidence is piling up, investigators are still working tirelessly to locate Berreth's body, focusing mainly on a landfill on Frazee's property.

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