There are coffee shops in Windsor; there are a couple of bars. Looking for a new place to gather in town? Get ready to have the best of both worlds- Coffee and alcohol!

Toast 2
Dave Jensen, TSM

I think this will work out great. A casual place where you get some coffee or espresso; or if you choose, some wine or beer!  ‘Toast Coffee and Wine is coming to Downtown Windsor, near the corner of 2nd and Main- just below Hearth. I’m familiar with this location because a co-worker’s mother had a doll and Teddy Bear shop there for a little while, recently.

Coffee, wine, beer! You can make all sorts of toasts!  They’re even going to sell… toast! That sounds interesting; I’m guessing you wouldn’t be taking it to-go, but who knows?

Interesting fact: With this new place playing off of the word ‘toast’, did you know that Windsor’s Hawaiian restaurant Okole Maluna- their name roughly translates to ‘Bottoms Up’, like ‘Cheers’ or.. like a toast!

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