In 2017, the Husker state came in last on a list of places that people wanted to visit within the next couple of years. Last. Does their new campaign compel you?

Colorado has a lot of folks either FROM Nebraska or with friends and family there. So, Nebraska's new tourism campaign hit my radar. I've only been to Nebraska one time- to see/camp at Lake McCaughnahey. However, I am a HUGE fan of Runza- which is based out of Nebraska.

Anyhoo, they've launched a new 'come to Nebraska' ad campaign that takes the fact that nobody really wants to visit and puts a funny spin on it -

'Nebraska: Honestly, it's not for everyone'

Toooo much! That is FUNNY.

Some folks don't like it, and I can see why, but a lot of folks DO. A little self-deprecating humor can go a long way.

Of course, there are PLENTY of things to do in Nebraska. I, for one, might visit Lincoln to see how Bruce Springsteen was inspired to write the title track to his 'Nebraska' album in 1982.

Plus, I love how the campaign comes from a COLORADO SPRINGS based ad agency

Go, Huskers! Go, Runza! And go... all that other stuff 'Braska has!

Get more on the campaign and Nebraska tourism, HERE!

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