How awesome would it be to have Peyton in the booth on Monday Night Football? I get pumped just thinking about it. So, I wrote my thoughts down. Just need an address.


Dear Peyton-

Dear, dear Peyton. My name is Dave and I live in the great state of Colorado, where you once played for the Denver Broncos. You remember. Those were good times, my friend. Can I call you 'friend?'

Word has it, Peyton, that the gang at ESPN is 'courting' you once again about being a commentator on Monday Night Football. I just now had to rub some goosebumps away. It happens every time I think about you being a part of the legendary broadcast. I apologize. Peyton, having you in that booth would not only boost MY love for the game, but I believe it would boost the NATION'S love of the game.

Look, you've got the looks, the knowledge, the humor and, damnit, people love you. Why WOULDN'T you be a great commentator? Of course, you would.

Omaha! Omaha!

Sorry. That happens, too sometimes.

Peyton, how many chicken parms is it going to take before you get out of that RV with Brad Paisley and into the Monday Night Football booth?  I just want to know- WHY? Why NOT do it? Can you please tell me?  Is it about money? Is it because you want to be an owner? Are you (I'm not saying this, others are) AFRAID of the challenge?

I think that if you DID take the job, You'd be great at it, and the nation's love for you would be even greater than it already is. It all just makes so much sense.

So, hopefully, you can take a couple of minutes to put my curiosity to rest as to - why?

Why won't you do it, Peyton? Why?

Signed, your hopeful friend. See? I call you MY friend.



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