Most of us are spending more time than ever in the kitchen with all this 'stay at home'-ing. Due to this, there has been more cooking and cleaning than ever before in my home of humans, dogs, fish, and chickens. Since I imagine many of us are getting better acquainted (or simply acquainted in the first place, depending on your comfort in the kitchen) with that room that, shockingly, holds more than just the fridge and frozen fish sticks, here are the items that have long been my favorites and some of the most-used implements in my home. I value simplicity, quality, and price.


Lemon Squeezer

When making a cocktail or guacamole, this tool is great at getting all the juice out quickly and holding on to the seeds. I recommend getting one of solid stainless steel, as citrus can wear away anything else. Also, get the lemon one, too, even if you use mostly limes, as some limes are the size of lemons and won't fit in a smaller version.


Waiter's Corkscrew

There are so many fancy corkscrews, but this is the only one I have in my house. It's simple, solid and small, and was given to me by a waiter at a fancy restaurant, so you know it's worth its salt. He referred to it as a "wine tool".


Paddle Grater

This sees a lot of use in my house for cheese and ginger. It can lay flat over a pan to grate something right in to a dish, or the silicone bottom lets it stand firmly on a plate to grate a pile of cheese for taco night. Unlike smaller models, this big cheese greater also has no nooks and crannies, so it's easier to clean.


Corn Broom

This broom is used quite often to imitate a witch in my house, but used even more often to clean the tile floor with deep grout lines. This broom lasts forever! I got it for around $10 at Costco. The solid wood handle and corn bristles work better than any plastic fibers I have ever tried.


Pan Scraper

This one's a super cheap, tiny, useful piece of plastic, also known as a pan scraper. It saves time. We make a lot of roasted veggies in our house, and this bad boy scrapes the little stuck-on fibers right off.

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