According to KDVR in Denver, younger people are causing June's spike in COVID-19 cases in Colorado — and it's probably because we really want to leave the house (and we can, but we need to do it safely).

Dr. Rachel Herlihy, a state epidemiologist, told KDVR that the spike from younger people wasn't necessarily a bad thing, however, because 'younger populations have less severe outcomes.'

But, Dr. Herlihy expressed that in order to protect more vulnerable/older populations, younger people need to continue to practice social distancing and wear their masks when in public, especially as we (self included) start to go back to bars, restaurants and businesses in small gatherings.

The State of Colorado is reporting that nearly 18 percent of COVID-19 cases in Colorado are people in their 20s, which is the largest percentage by age group, followed closely by those in their 30s, at about 17.4 percent. Fortunately, the death percentage for both age groups is less than one percent. See the figure here.

While there are less cases in those over the age of 60, the death percentage is significantly higher, at 53 percent for those over 80 years old.

Despite the recent spike, the rate that Colorado's cases are going up is decreasing, and KDVR also reported that hospitalizations are low. In total, Larimer County has had 686 cases, and Weld has had 2,746 (June 25).

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